Hello 2017!!


A year ago, I decided to move back to San Francisco, after living in New York City and Hong Kong.  Although moving back to the city where I grew up and where I should feel familiar with, Surprisingly I feel I am new to this place.  During the years when I was away, San Francisco has changed a lot, culturally and physically.  In the past year here in the city, I have explored and discovered a lot of newly developed neighborhoods, new restaurants, cafes, and shops.  The neighborhood that I used to live was a bit quiet, and now it is slowly populated with restaurants and nice coffee shops.

Now we are in the new year of 2017, and I finally made the decision to start my blog.  I am very excited that I am writing my first post at the moment.

Exploring, creating, and traveling have been the main parts of my life journey.  I find inspiration through different types of experiences.  I hope sharing my visions here will also inspire you.  In addition to my Instagram, you will find my visions and lifestyles in this blog, such as outfits, restaurants, interior design inspirations, and travels.

Thanks for reading.


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