Grey Pencil Skirt with Tippi Sweater










I am always a fans of pencil skirt.  I think it helps to lengthen one’s body figure, especially for petite girl.  When you tuck in the top into the skirt, it will also accentuate the body curvature.  I bought this light grey pencil skirt last year from Banana Republic, and it has been my all time favorite.  I can wear it casually, pair with T-shirt or tank top, and white sneaker.  Or, like what I am wearing here, a bit dressed up or for work.  I am pairing with a Tippi yellow sweater from J.Crew.  I like how the sweater is not too loose, which it also goes well with the shape of the pencil skirt.  I also like the color combination.  The yellow pops out when it contrasts with the grey.

I will be taking off tonight to Hong Kong.  I know I won’t have time to have new post for my blog for the next two weeks, so now I am rushing to get this post up.  I will have more posts about my trip after I come back.  In the meantime, please follow me on my Instagram @Jennisssy for travel updates.

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